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Learn the language and immerse yourself in the culture of Thailand

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    High-quality service

    Our experienced teachers will help you develop the English language skills that suit your level and personal goals. And responsive managers will provide you with quality assistance on all visa and studiyng issues.

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    Combining study and vacation

    Not only will you be able to improve your English skills, but you will also get to know Phuket culture and natural attractions.

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    Comfortable location

    Our school is located in one of the most attractive areas of the island, where you can enjoy the warm sea, the sun and the different opportunities for vacation and entertainment.

What do our clients value?

We provide many types of visas and other services

Студенческая виза
Student (ED) Visa

Супружеская виза
Marriage Visa

Пенсионная виза
Retirement Visa

Туристическая виза
TR visa

Опекунская виза
Guardian visa

Университетская виза
University visa


Разрешение на выезд
Re-Entry permit

Переводы текстов
Texts translations

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Feedback from our students

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I study at this school. Great school! I would like to mention the Russian guys Nikita and Andrey. Nikita is a manager, Andrey is my English teacher! I recommend this school!

Vladimir Cheberko
21 February 2024

I study Thai language at this school, and can say confidently this school has a good program and good teacher (teacher Pheung especially). I’ve never thought to study Thai will be so interesting, and not so difficult like I thought (but still not easy). My rate is high!

Evgenii Buntov
6 January 2024

Great place, simply amazing. I’ve been studying for a year now, and I plan to stay in school for a second year 😍 ...

Kirill Khromovskikh
1 March 2024

Great school. They say everything about the prices right away, so there will be a whole picture of where, how much and what to pay. If you have any questions about how to make a bank card, how to make a re-entry, border card, etc., they will also advise and help you with this. There are air conditioners everywhere, there is a place where you can drink tea/coffee/water, cookies, etc. There are several languages, if you want to study seriously) I know guys who go to Thai and they can already communicate, not just 20-30 phrases and words that, as it seems to me, are learned by themselves in a year. And if you learn English, then get into Andrey’s group - he is the best English teacher of my life, and just talking with him is always interesting and pleasant. In conclusion, I must also write that Nikita is the best, solves all questions, helps, answers even during non-working hours. If I were his manager, I would definitely give him a bonus 😏

Daniil Gerasimov
12 February 2024

Great school, i started few weeks ago and i already can hold a small conversation... great teacher ;)

Fabien Vaxelaire
22 September 2024

Excellent school, everything works like clockwork! The team is just super, they always help solve any requests, everything is always in order with deadlines and documents 👌 Special thanks to teacher Andrey, an excellent teacher 👍

Ekaterina Tikhonova
22 January 2024

I've been studying at Mega for over six months now. I am very happy that my husband and I chose this school! It turned out to be the best: in terms of price, quality of training, and efficiency in resolving any issues. There is a cool Russian-speaking consultant Nikita, who always helps with everything. I would especially like to mention my favorite native English speaking teacher, Tsyun (at the intermediate and advanced levels, go only to him!). In short, 10/10. Holidays and master classes are also held here periodically🥰 I recommend it.

15 January 2024

Excellent school, I didn’t regret my choice. They do everything on time, as promised. There is an opportunity to study with a native speaker. Nikita is always in touch, will advise and help with all questions that arise.

Oleg Bukhonov
10 January 2024

I found the school by chance based on reviews on the Internet. I didn’t regret it at all. Friendly and helpful staff will help with any questions regarding training, preparation of various documents (re-entry, prepare a bank card, etc.). In resolving these issues, I would especially like to mention the Russian-speaking curator Nikita. I really liked my English teacher Denis. Classes can be chosen at a convenient time and according to the appropriate level of language knowledge. The school has a pleasant atmosphere and hosts various events. Celebrated the New Year together 🎄

Ekaterina Kharitonova
9 January 2024

Great school! Friendly team of managers and teachers. They help resolve visa issues quickly. There are different groups to choose from for both beginners and advanced levels of studying, depending on your level. Convenient location - next to Chalong circle. I was pleased with everything. I recommend!

Ruslan Garibov
3 January 2024

Wonderful school! There is a Russian consultant. Wonderful English teacher, every lesson is a pleasure! At Loi Krathong they invited us to make crothongs together for free, such a pleasant attitude to students) The visa is always extended quickly, the passport is returned after 2 weeks. Organized studying. And here everything is fine - they selected good teachers and distributed the students according to language level. The organizers have a real individual approach to each student.

Elena Saltykova
7 December 2023

The school was recommended by friends. I didn’t regret my choice. The school has an excellent, professional team. You can choose a group according to your level and a convenient time for classes. Special thanks to Nikita - she promptly resolves all issues - classes, visas, issuing a bank card, etc. I recommend!

Ilia Grubnik
27 February 2024
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Experience a smooth visa journey with us! 🌏✈️

  • April 30, 2024

Whether it's a border run, visa run, education, guardianship, retirement, marriage, or university visa. We have you covered. Our language courses will help you learn Thai, English, German, French, and other languages. Our broad offerings allow you to explore unlimited possibilities. Get in contact now! 📚🌐

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🌴 Unlock a World of Opportunities in Thailand with Mega Language School! 🌏

  • April 28, 2024

Dreaming of a long-term stay in the Land of Smiles? 🌅 Dive into the cultural wonders of Thailand while securing your legal residence through our Educational Visa program! 📚✨ Located in the picturesque Chalong, Phuket, Mega Language School offers the perfect blend of serene living and exceptional language education. 🏝️🇹🇭 Immerse yourself in the vibrant Thai lifestyle while learning from our expert teachers.

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Discover stress-free visa services made just for you!

  • April 26, 2024

Border Run to Satun any day or join our special Ranong trips every Wednesday and Saturday. Are you looking for a hassle-free Visa Run? Enjoy a delightful 3-day visit to Malaysia with us! Our prices are budget-friendly and cover everything – no extra charge!!! Our friendly team is here to assist you with a smile and professional service. Say goodbye to worries and hello to a smooth visa experience. Your journey is important to us, and we've got you covered every step of the way!

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Come to our school, where you can get a visa for a price you can afford and without any trouble.

  • March 21, 2024

😎🌟With more than 10 years of experience, we can offer you a good education from real experts. Our teachers are native Russian speakers, and you can choose to come to class or not. We teach people how to speak English, Italian, German, French, Russian, and Thai. We can help you get a student visa, a retirement visa, a marriage visa, a guardian visa, a university visa, cross-border runs, study materials for the IELTS and TEFL tests, a re-entry permit, help with airport security, help to start a Thai bank account, and translate texts. Get in touch now!

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✈️ Skip the lines and breeze through Phuket International Airport with our exclusive Fast Track Service! 🌟

  • March 20, 2024

At our language school in Thailand, located in Phuket, we offer a premium service to help you navigate the airport quickly and efficiently. Our dedicated team will assist you with check-in, security, and immigration procedures, ensuring a seamless travel experience. Say goodbye to long queues and hello to stress-free travel with our Fast Track Service in Phuket! Contact us today to learn more and book your next trip with ease. 🛫🌴

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